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Wireless Interactive Whiteboard W618 with built-in Voting System-- Wireless and Voting System
W618 is a fully featured portable wireless interactive whiteboard system that enables interactive teaching from anywhere in the classroom. The electronic pen is integrated with a ballpoint that allows users to write on standard A4 size paper and interact with software applications simultaneously. It is superior portability, wireless connectivity, and above all, its value for money, make it the perfect plug and play interactive presentation solution for business, education and professional use.
Free your interactive whiteboard. There is no need to be tethered to the whiteboard at the front of your room. Utilizing exclusively enhanced 2.4GHz RF wireless technology, W618 Wireless Interactive Tablet connects to a computer and feeds real time demonstrations on its active area onto the computer screen or projected screen when used with a data projector. You are free to walk about the class or engage with students individually while maintaining command of the interactive lesson material as they move.
New Function--Voting system:
The built-in voting system of the W618 enables a truly interactive class or meeting experience. One dongle is capable of supporting 48 voting systems, which alongside its real-time browse function to monitor the progress of the students.

        Working Principle: Ultrasonic position tracking

        Maximum Connection Numbers: 128 wireless terminals

        USB Receiver Interface USB V2.0

        Applied To: Any material including soft screen and white wall

        Effective Transmission Distance: >20M

        Wireless Frequency: 2.4GHz RF

        Power Consumption:≦ 1w

        Response Time: ≦ 25ms(it depends on computer)

        Writing Area: 290 x 210 mm ( 11" x 8" )

        E-pen Light Emitted: Infrared

        LEDs of Writing Board: Working status LED is green and flickers while writing; Low power LED, red when low power

        Buttons of Writing Board Reset(Wakeup): 18 soft keys for operation of application

        OS Required: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.


Working Sketch Map