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Wall Mounted Interactive Whiteboard WM-WB3200--Short Focus System
It uses the original world's only short focal length of the optical signal acceptance system, the distance from the lens of the receiving box to the board is less than 65cm. Very precise positioning, tracking a very high accuracy, ultra-fast response time, in written, comprehensive performance is much better than ordinary interactive whiteboard.
Digital image recognition technology is considered as a significant progress in the field of development of optical positioning system. technology bases on the bright spot that semiconductor light sources produce to instruct the target location. WM-WB3200 uses high-speed, high-resolution image sensor to capture the signal, and uses software and hardware signal processing system to do real time analysis of the target point and communicates with the computer, which achieves interoperability with computer.

        Working principles: Optical- electrical positioning recognition technology

        Active area: 40 - 120 inches

        Transmission Interface: USB

        Resolution: 6400*4800

        Scan frames: 80 frames /s

        Calibration points: 9points

        Position precise:≦4(pixel)

        USB Line: 10m (supporting 20m USB line)

        Power consumption:〈0.2w

        Active area: Life of pen battery: 3 months or above (AAA battery x2)

        Ability to resist the drop of pen: 2 metres

        Operating System: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7


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