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Projector Connected Interactive Whiteboard WB2200-- Smart System
WB2200 is an interactive whiteboard system bundled installation with projector .WB2200 made it realized that where there is a projector there is electronic whiteboard, you can transform any projecting screen into electronic whiteboard by simple equipment installation.
Featured with 'real-time annotation, free writing, instant saving, spiritual interactivity', it can create more opportunities for improvisational, illuminating, creative discussion and interaction in the classroom. Lecturers can operate computer on the projection screen directly by pointer E-Pen/ E-Pen and express their thoughts by annotation and drawing functions at any time, therefore it can increase interactivity and efficiency remarkably. It is a new electronic teaching and meeting presentation interactive system.

        Working Principle: Infrared image processing position tracking

        Active Area: Max 150 inch

        Transmission Interface: USB to RJ45

        Applied To: Any material including soft screen and white wall

        Aspect Ratio: 4:3,16:9

        Communication Distance:5m USB standard line (Supporting 20m)

        Power Consumption:≦ 1w

        Response Time: ≦ 25ms(it depends on computer)

        Resolution :5000×4000

        E-pen Light Emitted: Infrared

        Battery Required: AA battery x2

        Ability to resist the drop of pen: 2 metres

        OS Required: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux, MAC OS X.


Working Sketch Map